About the HNKI

The H Nishiyama Karate Institute (or HNKI) is the specific style organization of the late Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama, JKA-Shotokan. The purpose of the organization is to continue research, development, and promotion of this specific style in accordance with the precepts taught by its founder Sensei Nishiyama.

The VISION for the HNKI is to:

  1. Act as a technical organization preserving the JKA-Shotokan karate style of Hidetaka Nishiyama.
  2. Build a legacy of his published and unpublished technical knowledge.
  3. Conduct research to further evolve the technical aspects of traditional karate.
  4. Provide an educational foundation based upon the principles of Budo.

The MISSION for the HNKI is to:

  1. Create dojos worldwide.
  2. Publish technical articles and research related to the traditional karate of HNKI.
  3. Research the benefits of the traditional karate style of JKA Shotokan as it applies to human development.
  4. Conduct student, instructor, and examiner training to maintain the high standards of HNKI.
  5. Cooperate with like-organizations in the further development of traditional karate as a whole.

The HNKI is an Eligible Style Organization (ESO) recognized by the ITKF. The ITKF serves as an international governing body for different styles of traditional karate. The diagram below highlights key roles and responsibilities for each entity, and how they are designed to work together towards a common goal.